Adhe Neram

Adhe Neram


Uploaded on 16 Jan 2011
SSVPP Production and Crap Movie Makers Presents Aathai Nehram ( The Midnight Anniversary ).

A story based on real events. The filming and editing is done to suit viewers at all ages. For the first time in SSVPP history, we have an open ending to this film.

Starring : Sithravel, Devika, Preetha and Preeya
Makeup : Yamunah
DOP assistance : Priya | Buvanesh
Lighting Director : Dhipan

Music Director / SFX Engineer : Sithravel
Dialogues / Asst Director : Preeya M.
Story & Screenplay / Direction / Edition : Viknesh RS

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For better Sound effects, use head phone 🙂


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