Published on 28 Nov 2013
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Plot: ‘Kuttimaa’ is a simple and fun-filled tale between a rural naughty granny Kuttimaa and her urban modern grandson Krish. Krish hates Kuttimaa since his childhood for her mischief and wit. But how a vacation unfolds his hidden love and affection makes the crux of the story.

Language : Tamil | Subtitles: English | Genre: Drama/Comedy

Written and Directed by Ganesh Kumar Mohan (https://www.facebook.com/ganeshkumar….)
Produced by Dhaarunika Ambedkar (https://www.facebook.com/dhaarunika.a…)
Cinematography: KB Prabu MFI (https://www.facebook.com/kb.prabu?fre…)
Editing by Abhinav Sunder Nayak (https://www.facebook.com/abhinavsunde…)
Music by Shravan (https://www.facebook.com/shravan.rsdg…)
Sound design by Raj Kumar P (https://www.facebook.com/rajkumar.p06…)
Lyrics: Vairabharathi (https://www.facebook.com/vaira.bharat…)
Singers:Guna (https://www.facebook.com/Music.Guna?f…) and

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